I know the magic theme is a bit of smoke and mirrors

I know the magic theme is a bit of smoke and mirrors, but I wouldn t have charged headlong into the Euro Breach about it if CSGO Ak47 Skins it was about making cheese or running Ye Olde Fishmonger s. All I m really glad you re enjoying these. It s a lot of work, but I love doing it as long as it enhances the site. Keeping publishers happy is great too!I know my reviews have been Euro heavy so far, but that should even out over the next month or two.

The games we review are pretty much determined by the publishers, and I m working with a few to bring in some new Ameritrash y titles. As long as we keep this pace up or something close to it these reviews should start having more of something for everyone.Hai whoa thanks for the Trickerion scoop. That looks awesome.

Look forward to the campaign launching tomorrow.Also, I definitely don t consider Legacy to be ubercomplex worker placement. It s a step up from Waterdeep or Kingsburg, but it s probably onpar with Alien Frontiers or Euphoria I know the latter left you cold, but that s about the level of complexity.

Interesting looking game and fantastic, in depth review. I likely would have never looked at this thing twice without it.HaiOuch. I think I took 4 points of CSGO M4A4 Skins pun damage! A very nice, very thorough review of this game, Account Deletion. While the theme doesn t exactly beg me to buy this game, the overall mechanics, art, and intuitive symbol use has this one in my sights to make the ol wish list.